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Get Involved

There are many ministries in which you can get involved. Look at this list and contact the ministry leader about getting involved. You will both give and get from your commitment and involvement. Take a look at the SHAPE materials in resources to determine what the Lord has gifted you for.

Senior Pastor & Chairman of Church Council  Alson Ebanks 949-9393
Audio Visual Earlton Bramble
Benevolence Maxine Bodden    
Care & Share Groups Annie Mitten 516-3139
  Wayne & Fay Jackson 326-2958
  Eustace Joseph 526-2034
  Laura McLaughlin
  Marji Ebanks 926-6150
  Maxine Bodden 949-2610
  Orren Merren 916-2645
Children’s Choir Carol Mascarenhas
Children's Church Stacy & Russel Singh
Christian Education Pastor Yolanda Palmer 929-2046
Disaster Preparedness Ella Conolly 925-2112
Discipleship Ministry  Pastor Alson Ebanks 926-1489
Evangelism Wayne Jackson 326-2958
Finance & Property Board Thomas Ebanks 916-3304
First Place for Health Norma Ebanks 927-3103
Grief Support Tyra Miller 926-0230
Happy Seniors Nancy Bodden 949-8715
Hearts Through Hands Francine Brown 917-8506  
Hospitality Fay Jackson 321-6404
Koinonia Marji Ebanks 926-6150
Marriage Orren Merren 916-5645
Men’s Breakfast Rollin Ebanks 917-7622
Men's Group Winston Wallace 546-4300
Ministry Mobilization Orren Merren 916-5645
Missions Pastor Yolanda Palmer 929-2046
Offering Counting Maxine Kimball 947-1338
Pantry (Food Assistance) Virginia Thompson    
Peacemaking Orren Merren 916-5645
Prayer Annie Mitten 516-3139
Ushers Errol McLaughlin 916-5590
Visitation Deborah McLaughlin 926-9766
  James Watler 916-1363
Women's Group Pastor Yolanda Palmer 929-2046
Worship Laura McLaughlin
Worship Dance Beverly Bernard 925-7282

Learn & live according to God's word. Obey it and serve God through it.